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About Us 🙌

Web3 Visionaries Transforming Society Openly.

“Catalyst Ventures transformed our startup journey. Their strategic support and vibrant community were catalysts for our success.”

Welcome to Catalyst. Where startups thrive! We empower your innovation, redefining entrepreneurship.

Catalyst stands out with a dedicated commitment to your journey. Beyond financial support, we offer strategic guidance, hands-on mentorship, and a collaborative community. Your success isn’t just a goal; it’s our shared mission. Join us in a partnership where your growth is our priority. 
Our Vision in envisioning the future, Catalyst aspires to create an environment where startups don’t just navigate challenges but shape industries. We see a world where your startup’s potential knows no bounds, and innovation is the driving force behind every success story.

Mission and Core Values at Catalyst.

Our mission is crystal clear, we are dedicated to empowering startups and propelling them toward unprecedented success. We strive to cultivate an innovative ecosystem where groundbreaking ideas are transformed into thriving businesses.
  • Innovation for Progress

    Embrace creative thinking for continual progress in the dynamic business landscape.

  • Empower Startups

    Champion startup success through tailored resources, mentorship, and unwavering support.

  • Collaborate for Success

    Foster success through a collaborative culture, encouraging partnerships and community.

Catalyst Pioneering Startup Success.

Embarking on a journey of innovation, empowerment, and strategic growth navigating challenges and shaping a global legacy in the ever evolving frontier of entrepreneurship.


Catalyst was born in 2018, founded by a group of visionary entrepreneurs united by a shared mission to redefine startup support.
2018 Dawn of Catalyst
2019 Catalyst Inaugural Triumphs

Early Growth

Rapidly rising, Catalyst redefined startup support by going beyond traditional funding, establishing itself as a dynamic force in the startup scene.

Global Expansion

Catalyst's global reach strategically anchored in pivotal startup hubs, cultivating a vibrant and interconnected community of diverse innovators worldwide.
2020 Catalyst Goes Global
2021 Catalyst Power Alliances

Strategic Partnerships

Recognizing the power of collaboration, Catalyst forged strategic partnerships with industry leaders, venture capital firms, and technology giants.

Ventures Fund

This marked a pivotal moment, empowering Catalyst to provide substantial financial backing to startups with diverse funding needs, amplifying its role as a catalyst for growth.
2022 Ventures Fund Unveiled
2023 Present Day

Success Stories

Catalyst stands tall, a beacon of support in the ever-evolving startup landscape. Its journey is a testament to the unwavering commitment to innovation, empowerment, and collaborative success, shaping the future of entrepreneurship.

Meet The People Behind Catalyst.

We come from different backgrounds, but there is one thing that brings us all together: we live and breathe web3.
Catalyst Founder

Anthony Ryan

Anthony is the founder of Catalyst. The fund was launched to invest, incubate, and accelerate the next generation of projects.
Mechanism Designer

Levi Rybalov

Levi is Head of Research at Catalyst. His primary focus is on mechanism design and multi-agent crypto economic protocols.
Investment Analyst

Archie Whitford

Archie is the fund’s analyst fresh out of a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne.

A Vision for Global Innovation & Inclusivity.

Catalyst envisions a future where innovation knows no bounds, and every startup has the potential to redefine industries. Our aspirations revolve around.

Sustains Future

Eco boosted triumph for Catalyst fuels startups, marrying economic success with positive impacts on the environment and society, fostering sustainability.

Global Reach

Catalyst envisions expand its footprint worldwide, connecting startups and mentors globally to create a collaborative network transcending borders.

Innovation Hub

At the fore front of technology global, Catalyst focuses on nurturing startups pushing boundaries, ensuring they remain leaders in tech innovation.

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