Teacher, Researcher, Competition Juror

Subjects taught are: Piano, Theory, Composition, Harmony (classical/jazz), Piano arrangement (classical/jazz), Counterpoint, Analysis.

Guido Mallardi prepares students for Conservatoire admissions and auditions any pianist for national and international music contests. Also, as an appointed juror of WPTA (member of the Alink-Argerich foundation), he auditions and recommends candidates to WPTA International Competition, either for performance or composition.


Over the years Guido Mallardi has developed Piano Technique Stenography and Brainarm Full Compositional Coaching. See below for more information about these two innovative techniques.

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Piano Technique Stenography

The cutting-edge piano method conceived to solve every music passage in the quickest and easiest way possible, just by using clear and simple symbols on the score to describe the right movements to employ. A strong system to get rid of problems like unuseful tensions and tendinitis, loss of enthusiasm for piano studying and discouragement owing to a bad or limited technique.


Brainarm Full Compositional Coaching

for musicians and non-musicians (aka Brainarm)

An incredible new method allowing non-musician to compose high quality music without need of any know-how (theory or instrumental tecnique), which is entirely provided by the coach without influencing the brainarmer. It is useful also to learn theory without efforts and discuss advanced aspects of theory.

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Further services on demand

- Lectures about Piano performance and technique, Music analysis, Analogic Method © (Archetypal Analysis ©), Piano Technique Stenography ©, Brainarm ©  public demonstration (with volunteers allowed to try the method in person)

- Accurate trascription from recording

- Piano technique stenography © and highly performing fingering setup for selected pieces



Currently Guido Mallardi teaches in West London at his studio (in Hanwell, W7 2HH) and online via Skype.

He also travels to South London, teaching for Cadenza Music school.

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Send an email for any enquiries.


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