Teacher, Researcher, Competition Juror


Guido Mallardi at piano

Subjects taught: Piano, Theory, Composition, Harmony (classical/jazz), Piano arrangement (classical/jazz), Counterpoint, Analysis.

Guido Mallardi prepares students for Conservatoire admissions and auditions any pianist for national and international music contests. Also, as an appointed juror of WPTA (member of the Alink-Argerich foundation), he auditions and recommends candidates to WPTA International Competition for performance and composition constests.


 The trial lesson lasts 30 minutes and will be FULLY REFUNDED if you book a batch of lessons by seven days right after it.


Send an email for any enquiries.


Over the years, Guido Mallardi has developed the Piano Technique Stenography and the Brainarm Full Compositional Coaching metodologies. More information about these two innovative techniques can be found below.


Piano Technique Stenography (PTS)

PTS is a cutting-edge piano method conceived to solve every music passage in the quickest and easiest way possible, just by using clear and simple symbols written on the score to describe the right movements to employ. A strong system to get rid of problems like unuseful tensions and tendinitis, loss of enthusiasm for piano studying and discouragement owing to a bad or limited technique.


 Send an email for any enquiries.


Coach and brainarmer

Brainarm Full Compositional Coaching for musicians
and non-musicians (aka Brainarm)

An incredible new method allowing non-musician to compose high quality music without the need for any lesson and musical background. All is entirely provided by the coach without influencing the person’s artistic choices.
Brainarm can ease emotional expression, promoting self-knowledge and boosting self-esteem. Also, it helps reviewing theory without much efforts, and it allows the introduction and direct experience of advanced theoretical aspects.

For more information and to listen to non-musicians’ music, visit www.brainarm.com.


Send an email for any enquiries.


Further services on demand

  • FREE 15-minutes consultations
  • Lectures about Piano performance and technique, Music analysis, Analogic Method (Archetypal Analysis), Piano Technique Stenography (PTS)
  • Brainarm  public demonstration (with volunteers allowed to try the method in person)
  • Accompaniment for soloists (exams and concerts)
  • Accurate trascription from recordings
  • Highly performing fingering setup for selected pieces.

Send an email for any enquiries.



Guido Mallardi’s studio is in Hanwell (W7). However, for safety reasons, during Covid19 pandemic times he only teaches ONLINE.
If you wish to know how to setup your webcams and audio settings for best performance, book a trial lesson. Unless you are an advanced pianist who needs to thoroughly work on the sonority, the quality of your online lessons will be the same as those held in person.


Send an email for any enquiries.

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