PIANO TECHNIQUE STENOGRAPHY – Writing technique down to solve any pianistic passage

Poor piano playing techniques… They do not just have a negative impact on the musical aspects of piano playing, they lead to undue stresses, discomfort and even significant pain if left unchecked. At the very least, these things can lead to a loss of enthusiasm and lack of joy when playing until definitive quit.

Piano Technique Stenography is an avant-garde method that helps pianists and piano students to learn to use the best movements and forms, while playing any musical passage. It does this by combining a unique set of symbols written on the score with expert coaching.

Every type of movement, technique, as well as arm, wrist, and finger position, has a unique symbol assigned to it. When applied to a score in the correct order and combination, these symbols enable students to see clearly how to perform any piece using best practice. Then, with careful coaching, students are taught how to engage their hands to correctly translate what is on the page in to the right actions.

These principles also apply to interpretation, by means of Agogics and Musical Interpretation Stenography (AMIS) and piano practice itself, by means of Piano Practice Stenography (PPS).

During his formative years, Guido Mallardi experimented with many ways of converting complex concepts into symbols. He started to work this approach in piano technique while a student at conservatoire, went on to develop the method over the years that followed and has been successfully applying it while teaching since 2009.

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